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Our Mission

Mocha Southern Belle School of Etiquette seeks to empower and equip students young and young at heart with the power and knowledge of proper etiquette. We hope to enhance the lives of all students by helping to create an understanding of tactfulness, etiquette skills, fundamentals of social interactions, life skills, and a variety of other important skills to help one to become a pillar within their community as well as being a role model to younger generations. Here at Mocha Southern Belle, our goal is to prepare all students to achieve greatness by carrying themselves appropriately in all settings. 



My daughter and I had the pleasure of sitting in on this class and learned so much! You can truly tell how passionate is Romunda is about teaching proper etiquette. I love that she was able to teach without making it "stuffy". It was a fun learning experience for both myself and my 10 year old daughter. We are looking forward to implementing what we learned. Thank you so much! I definitely would recommend this to both young ones and adults!


Romunda, the owner of MochaSouthernBelle, provided exceptional business consultation. Her expertise in course development and branding proved invaluable. She skillfully used her knowledge to guide me as I rebrand. Within a hour, I had more resources to move forward. The color schemes she selected perfectly represented my brand. Romunda’s attentiveness, patience, and genuine care made me feel supported and valued. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance in their business journey. Thank you, Romunda,for your outstanding work and dedication to my success.


I recently attended the Tea Party Etiquette Workshop. I truly enjoyed every minute! The presentation, as a whole, was well prepared and informational. We were given a wealth of information that would be helpful should we host our own event, or attend one. I believe that each attendee will walk away with ideas flooding their minds of their own Tea Parties. The presenter made the class come alive by dressing the part, which also made the class more personable. She was patient to answer any questions that we had after the presentation. So ladies, grab your fascinators and gloves, and enjoy!

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