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The Proper Foundation Makes All the Difference

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

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The dictionary defines the word foundation as the basis or groundwork of anything. We most often hear this term associated with architectural structures and makeup. However, it also applies to personal presentation and fashion. Foundation garments offer a way to enhance various bodily features temporarily. They are also known as shapewear.

A well-dressed young lady learns the importance of proper foundation garments very early. In fact, there was a time when women wore foundation garments practically all the time. From about the 17th century through the early 20th century, women customarily wore corsets. Throughout the decades, fashion has changed, and some customs seem less significant. However, choosing the proper undergarments is still very much important. It can make all the difference in how presentable and polished you look. Without shapewear, many outfits don't look their best. Shapewear helps to smooth out unwanted curves and accentuate more flattering areas. Today, young ladies' foundation garments consist of various items such as girdle/shapewear, panties, bra, hosiery, corset, garter belt, and slip. The foundation items a young lady would select depends on what her ensemble requires and her body type.

One necessary wardrobe item that is often underestimated is a properly fitting bra. Ladies should be fitted once a year to ensure they are selecting the correct size. Many department stores and even Victoria's Secret can do bra fittings. But the best place to have a bra fitting done is a specialty lingerie store. A properly fitting bra dramatically affects the way clothing fits.

The same applies to shapewear. For clothing to fit and fit well, the proper foundation is imperative. There are various shapewear styles and designs for different body types. When selecting a garment, one should be sure that it has a soft texture and is comfortable to wear, and allows you to move freely. They, of course, won't be like wearing a pair of sweats or lounge pants, but be reminded that the fit of outer garments is dependent upon the foundation garment with which it is worn.

In addition to lending to a more polished look, foundation garments also improve body posture, tighten the abdominal muscles, and improve balance. Another excellent benefit worth expanding on is the use of shapewear for postpartum belly binding. African American postpartum belly binding is an ancient tradition linked to the African Diaspora. Postpartum belly binding is used to assist in the healing of abdominal muscles, strengthen the back, help with posture, and reshape the mother's waist.

If you suspect that you may not have the appropriate foundation garments for your body type or needs, there is a simple solution. I would encourage you to visit a lingerie shop or department store to get assistance with making the most appropriate selection for your needs. Another great solution would be to visit, and follow their sizing guide to order the perfect shapewear to pull together your polished look. Always remember you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

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